Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perry the Parrot

Perry the Parrot, this was from a character game design study. But sadly this is not the final parrot that was approved in the game. But this is the parrot that gets published on my blog niyahaha! Perry is an artist from Brazil, he loves to paint nuts because that's his favorite food! He loves to use bright colors. (I really don't know why?! wink wink Perry stop looking at the mirror!) Maybe i will post the rest of the animals I created after the game is published, so stay tuned! :)

The details ate up most of my free time this week! But i really love the outcome of this piece. To have the shadow effect, i concentrated more dots on the shadow where I think the darkest part would hit (under the feathers, eye & beak). Inked the artwork after the gouache dried up. This took a while have i told you that patience is a virtue? :)


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