Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jonah Commish

Got a commish from a friend. Finished this fashion illustration project last month. This is Jonah Brocka our stylish senior copywriter at the agency! (everybody is stylish at the office, except maybe for me, haha) Anyway back to the artwork, this was done using watercolor on paper, my timeframe for this are a couple of days since I only get to do this on weekends. :(

Jonah's work station

Took a few before & after shots, I always do a light base color, very watery at this point, then I wait for it to dry, then added the darker shades using a fine brush. I added yellow and pinkish accent at the background to make it pop. :)

Final artwork

And here's the artwork with the handsome copywriter! :) 
Yay it's done! Comments and suggestions are very welcome, let me know what you think?! :)


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