Monday, August 27, 2012

The Owl (Fussyket partner)

The fussyket would be so lonely without her owl. So I created this coffee owl to accompany her. :) I like the way this turned out, especially the coffee cup element. I can so relate to Mr. Owl's caffeine boost! since we have the same big eyes and because i stayed up from 6pm to 6am the previous day to finish a freelance storyboard illustration (even though i only did the coloring stuff).

owl illustration by mercedes feliciano

Made using watercolor on paper. This was done on intervals, created the base colors and added the details last week, i was just too busy to post this before. :( Added a somewhat pointilism effect for the detail, for the leaves I used 2-3 different shades of green.

the owl by mercedes feliciano

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